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Welcome to all of our new members in Team Bacon!  We're excited to have the members of Mass Casualty join the Entropi community and strengthen the team.  It's been a terrific 2 night raid week - Heroic Spoils of Pandaria 25M defeated in a handful of pulls!  Next week Team Canadian Bacon adds a 3rd night in preparation for the last bosses of HSoO!  Gratz on a fast kill everyone!

And an awesome video via Amabarix of the kill!

Gretyl Nice job guys =)
Nateshift Grats guys!
Gratz to our late night team - even plagued with crazy ms (you guys realize Blizzard starts its maintenance Monday night right?) and a DC'd Smokey, the team managed to defeat H Nazgrim 10M!  Pretty convinced that we will never see the front side of Baconbullet's toon in these screenshots...

Sammohung His backside is his better looking side.
Gratz Team Canadian Bacon on HEROIC Thok 25M!

Get your level 90 character when you pre-order :D 

Kaotica a Not to worry, Fall release expected (see note on this image) http://us.battle.net/static/images/int/warlords-presales/en ...
Delfeer (Delfeen) Release date: "on or before 12/20/2014"...9 more months of Garrosh Farming xD
Gratz Team Lights Out on Heroic:Dark Shamans! (Someone rez Baconbullet....)

Paper I just realized none of use the same title. ...
Bane Falcon Feign Death FTW. I deserved a break, after being the last one alive.
Sammohung But he's busy tanking the floor boss!
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